The Winters Family
Fukuoka, Japan

January 31, 2020

Christmas report 

Thank you for praying for our Christmas outreach.  We passed out over 4,000 invitations to Christmas services, and had 2 visitors at the Christmas Eve service and 8 visitors (2 adults, 6 kids) at the kids Christmas meeting, which is significantly less than we have had in previous years.  One of the reasons for the decrease in visitors is likely because the number of students enrolled in our English school has significantly decreased.   This month, we will start trying to recruit new students for the new school year which starts in April.  Please pray for this English school ministry as it is still a way to develop relationships in the community and in turn it directly affects attendance on Sunday and special services.

Praying for Men!

For the first years of our ministry it seemed to be easier to get women and children to come to church and more difficult to reach men.  We have been praying for men to visit and be saved.   In January, we had 4 men (age 30s and 40s) visit the church- 3 of whom had come a few times in 2019, and one new visitor.   Please pray for these men…

1) Mr. --- (unsaved) this is a man I mentioned in the last letter who I met through the PTA

2) Mr. ---  (saved)  He was saved, baptized, and married in our church in 2008, then in 2009 moved out of the area. He had been out of touch for over 10 years then visited once in December and once in January. Even though it is a long drive from where he currently lives, he plans to visit on Sundays that he doesn’t have to work.

 3) Mr. --- (unsaved)   He comes occasionally to the English Bible study on Sundays.  Last Sunday, he opened up to me and was looking for counseling on some marital problems.  It is very unusual for a man in Japan to drop his pride and ask for help about his marriage.  Please pray that God will now soften his heart to open up about spiritual things.

4) Mr. ----  (unsaved)  He lives near the church and visited last Sunday for the first time.

5) Mr. --- (unsaved) He attended our church several years ago but then spent much of the last few years hospitalized (schizophrenia).  Recently, I was able to meet with him for a Bible study in his home, and he wants to continue studying the Bible with me.

Becky’s mother

Becky returned to Japan on December 8th, after spending several months in the States caring for her mother, who passed away in November.  Becky's father, who passed away 4 years ago, and Becky's mother were fervent prayer warriors of ours and were so proud of their daughter being a missionary in Japan.  Becky spoke to her mother often on the phone and having supportive family in the States made working and living in Japan so much easier.  Please pray for Becky during the next few months.

2020 Furlough….

I am long overdue to visit many of our supporting churches and would like to take a short furlough this Fall for 4-6 weeks.  The dates and geographic area that I can visit is flexible.   If you would like for me to report to your church, would you be so kind as to send an email at your earliest convenience.  



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