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Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry Mission

The mission for the Children’s Ministry at Faith Community Church is to help children learn, accept, believe, and share God’s Word and the death, burial, resurrection, and love of Jesus Christ.

To accomplish this purpose, we seek to:

  1. Teach the children the Bible so they will grow to think as God thinks and love the way God has commanded.

  2. Establish in children habits of godly living day by day.

  3. Create a Christian community of children and adults who are committed to Jesus Christ and each other.

  4. Help children trust Christ as Savior, submit to Him and live as Christians at home, school, play, or wherever they are.

  5. Encourage parents and families to know God’s Word and be involved in their children’s growth and relationship with Jesus Christ.


The Children’s Ministry at Faith Community Church is designed to be a group of believers who have been called by the Holy Spirit to serve the children through the teaching God’s word. Each teacher is an important asset to this ministry by teaching a lesson, assisting a child in need, being a Godly example, and providing a loving and safe environment for these children to learn and grow in the Lord. We believe each teacher is gifted with a different personality and teaching style that can be used to help teach these children about Jesus Christ. We would like each couple or individual to sit in on at least one lesson with a current Children’s Ministry worker to better understand how Children’s Ministry is conducted and answer any questions that may arise.  


We seek out curriculum that shows the presence and deity of Jesus Christ throughout each story in the Bible and that demonstrates how God has created each child for a purpose and desires Jesus to be Lord and Savior of their lives, in a way that their young minds can understand through scripture, activities and prayer. We encourage the children to bring their bibles to church every week so they can get familiar with where the lessons are located in God’s word.

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